BREXIT2 - A third way? 

This plan can still work - even after article 50!!

What is Article 50?

Hard Brexit?... Soft Brexit .... Neither!!

How to please (almost) everybody including the Scottish and Irish. 
Let's change the EU and have another referendum.

A new Europe, not the old Europe.

..good news, 29th June 2018 .. at last the EU top brass have decide to put curbs on migration  ..  it's taken them years to see common sense!

Brexit 1 - Who's responsible, what's the problem, what's the way forward? 

Who's responsible for the referendum result?

Well stop blaming the apparently racist (it's never been anything to do with race, it's all about numbers) working/middle classes, and the older generation who are just sitting on their huge pensions and 'wanting it like the old days', or any political figures. 

Or the young people who hadn't noticed what was going on in the EU, didn't bother to vote but are now 'out on the streets'. 

Let's look at the real reason.

The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the utterly inflexible European Union, their fundamental remit is to 'unite' Europe not to destroy it by being incapable of understanding the needs of individual countries.   

Incredibly the EU top brass could have avoided this Brexit fiasco with just 6 words - do you know what those 6 words are? 'OK you can control your borders' (assuming you think that OK is a word!)

The EU bureaucracy has grown (as all bureaucracies grow) to such a degree that the bureaucracy itself is more important to the 'top brass' than the collective opinions of all the members. 

As an example there's absolutely no need to link free trade with free movement of people. This is one of the main EU rules invented in the last century, and is not relevant to the current EU structure.  

It may have been relevant when the EU was formed, but not any more. We have a Europe now which is divided into good economies, poor economies and very poor economies.

Throughout the world there are dozens of trade agreements in place and as far as I'm aware NONE of them are connected in any way to population movement! So why in the EU, it makes no sense.  The EU is living in the past to such a degree that the petty bureaucrats can't see the 'wood for the trees', and if any of them do, they are petrified of losing their well paid jobs, and massive perks.   

The EU's policy of 'one size fits all' is not working, and is the fundamental problem. (The Swiss PM said the same thing a while back)

You can compare the EU with the UK to a certain degree. The UK is also a collection of separate areas ( England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland) all with long historical differences. 

However the UK government has been giving MORE autonomy to these areas in recent years, as opposed to the EU which has been giving LESS!

So the UK is working, whereas the EU is not!


UK Requirements

It should have been obvious that all the UK wanted is the ability to control borders. The EU presumably thought that if the UK was offered that facility, it would mean other countries would have to be offered the same deal . 

This is a typical 'status quo' inflexible argument which is wrong, it doesn't mean you have to offer the same deal to other countries, it should be worked out on an individual need basis.  

This epitomises the lack of understanding that the EU leaders have of individual members.  The EU is basically trying to change Europe too fast, and not recognising individual national characteristics which will exist for another couple of generations.   

Also sorry to mention history, but NO REGIME in the past has ever managed to collect a large group of countries together, and then control them indefinitely. Amazingly the EU has seriously 'messed up' after only about 40 years!!! Previous regimes lasted much longer, up to 700 years (not that we can use those regimes as examples of the best way to proceed!)   

The EU's policy of 'one size fits all' is not working, and is the fundamental issue.


The Roman Empire                   Communism                    The British Empire

All failed.


What's the problem?

The problem is that the UK is now badly divided due to the mis-information churned out by both sides in the argument, plus unfounded scare stories leading to endless misconceptions, made worse by the media's habit of churning out endless 'red top newspaper' attention grabbing headlines, especially the BBC who ought to be seriously criticised for putting the nation into a state of unwarranted panic!! 

They get their licence fee regardless of viewing figures, they don't need to chase ratings like all the independents! 



What’s the way forward?  

The current route is to finalise the exit negotiations, which of course is not the way forward in the minds of 48% of the voting public.

The media is full of the 'deal' ..... hard Brexit, soft Brexit, but we don't really need a deal. Why?..... 

The main discussion point regarding a 'deal' is the issue of free trade being jeopardised ... this isn't as serious a problem as we are being led to believe ...why?>>  




So .................... the alternative .....


STOP PRESS - July 2017 - Tony Blair is proposing an alternative to Brexit exactly along the lines of this website!...

Brexit2..... The third way.. A 5 point plan.

This plan can still work - even after article 50!!

Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk should be replaced immediately. Donald Tusk said recently "I hope the UK doesn't leave the EU" ! ... how pathetic is that - he could do something about it!. A new organisational structure should be introduced consisting of people who have a clearer and less 'trapped in the past' understanding of the EU. (comparisons with Sepp Blatter and FIFA?)

The EU scraps the outdated concept of free trade being linked to free movement .Throughout the world there are dozens of trade agreements in place and as far as I'm aware NONE of them are connected in any way to population movement! So why in the EU, it makes no sense due to the 'expanded Europe' problem.

The EU offers the UK the concession of border control.

Why? ... It should have been obvious to the EU that Britain's massively overstretched public services will be devastated by a rapid increase in population, without any improvement in the economy.  


Incredibly the EU top brass could have avoided this Brexit fiasco with just 6 words - do you know what those 6 words are? 'OK you can control your borders' (assuming you think that OK is a word!)


Why should britain be given special treatment? more>>


In the last 10 years our economy has hardly grown at all (about 2% a year) so obviously being in the EU hasn't been any great advantage.

Based on 2015 migration, just to 'keep up' in health care and education will cost 7 billion extra each year, and to make serious improvements, pay doctors more, and employ more teachers will cost another 1 billion extra each year - where's that coming from? (See cost breakdown below)


Legislation, Human Rights Industry.

- There should be a moratorium on all new EU legislation.

- The UK should NOT be covered by the European Court Of Human rights.(why>>)

- The UK should be able to support it's own industry. (more>>)

The EU should then suggest that the UK has another referendum on this basis. 

This has been requested by a lot of people in the UK already, remember the huge march in London, 2nd/3rd June 2016. 

Why should britain be given special treatment? more>>

Then we have another referendum, which would definitely result in a 'remain' majority vote, based on the above requirements

So everybody is happy!!! 

- The UK has border control.
the UK is still in the EU.
UK has forced major and essential change on the EU.
- I
t should reduce the desire of many other EU countries to have their own referendums …. SIMPLES!! To quote a well known Meercat!!    


You will now say .... 'That's never going to happen!!! it's impossible - the EU top brass will never back down!!

Well they might !! Why? .... because if they don't, they will have to deal with possible referendums from:

Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Italy, and possibly even Germany (or parts of Germany).!!!

The Swiss are currently negotiating with the EU, and their representative said on TV (09.08.16) exactly what I'm saying in this site, that the 'one size fits all' approach will never work. Unless each EU country is given separate consideration, the EU will ultimately fail. more>>


You will now say .... The UK government will never accept this - it's 'backing down' and they would lose face.

Absolutely right! so what's the solution?

The only way to achieve this is for the EU itself to:

a) accept the above 5 point plan and, 

b) to then SUGGEST a new referendum to the UK government. This would not then seem like a climbdown to the UK government.

You will now say - How on earth do you achieve this?

There's only one way - PUBLIC PRESSURE!

We the public need to pressurise the EU with a relentless Social Media campaign, and general media campaign (same as we did with FIFA and Seb Blatter!). 

We need to firstly 'infect' the EU with the basic principles in the 5 point plan above, then spread the word around the rest of the EU countries, and force change on the EU.


What is Article 50?


.......More to follow.



So in summary, don't regard this as a utopian concept, forget your political prejudices, stop quoting 'status quo' arguments, outdated regulations and constitutions (the USA constitution has been amended 27 times!), any regulation can be changed. Read this several times and just stare logic in the face!   



The EU's policy of 'one size fits all' is not working, and is the fundamental problem.



What's the purpose of this website?

a) The first reason is to Impress on the UK population that the EU is the reason for Brexit1, not the UK voters. This may seem an odd concept but the basic reason for the existence of the EU is to unite Europe, not destroy it. The EU 'top brass' have failed miserably to achieve this.

b) The second reason is to put forward the concept above, and to then get some response. Depending on the response, the concept can then be added to the official government petition website. 

If more than 100,000 signatures are received, and the petition is considered legitimate, the government is obliged to debate the issue.



Breakdown of healthcare and education figures (item 3 above):

These were not copied off anyone's favourite newspaper or political website, the author of this site worked them out for himself using readily available information from government and independent websites.

Health Care - There is roughly one hospital to every 30,000 people in the UK. Therefore based on 2015 migration figures of 300,000, we will need to build 10 new hospitals each year, just to 'stand still' with our existing overstretched system. A new hospital of the huge size of most provincial cities will cost about 500 million. Totalling 5 billion. On top we then need all the doctors, nurses and admin staff to run it. Probably another 90 million a year. Grand total 5.9 billion.

Education - based on the demographics of Bristol which has 130 schools, an increase in population of 300,000 would require 100 new schools each year at a cost of about 20 million each, totalling 2 billion. Plus of course all the teachers and support staff, totalling about 100million. Grand Total 2.1 billion.

Total capital cost of health and education - 7 billion.

Staff for the above - 1 billion.

Also where are all these doctors, nurses, teachers, admin staff, going to come from?. Don't say we can ship them in from abroad, that just makes the situation worse.


back to 5 point plan


The Independent Scotland myth.

It's virtually impossible for Scotland to go independent. Why? .. because the tax revenue that Scotland collects each year is many many billions less than it needs to run the country. Where does this money historically come from .... the rest of the UK. 

The oil industry revenue has plummeted from several billions down to about 150 million, so this will be no help. If Scotland leaves the UK, where is this money coming from?  the EU? - doubtful.. why, because Scotland would need more from the EU than it's current largest recipient which is Poland (15 billion)

Would the EU regard Scotland as a more 'worthy' recipient than Poland, probably not, especially as the rest of the UK is still prepared to continue subsiding Scotland.

So in the meantime Scotland is just creating more concern and worry amongst the UK population, pushing independence and wanting to stay in the EU. Nicola Sturgeon must realise it's unfeasible.

So if the UK stays in the EU it will get Nicola Sturgeon 'off the hook' because she can ease off promoting independence because there is less requirement to get financial support from the EU.

Expansion of item 4 ,Legislation, Human Rights, above.

a)The EU should put a moratorium on all new legislation for at least 6 months apart from the changes listed here. This will give time for the dust to settle and defuse the excessive legislation concerns of most 'old' EU countries. 

b) The European Court of Human Rights should have no jurisdiction over the UK, we have one of the best human rights records in the world. A third the world (36 countries) have adopted our legal system, and we don't need any human rights interference from the EU. The existing 'general' legislation introduced by the EU, is largely beneficial and should be retained.

c) The UK government should be able to support it's indigenous industries. Currently it is banned from doing this by the EU, so industries which may have some future, and reduce imports/increase exports are allowed to 'go to the wall' instead of being given concessions like tax breaks, government loans etc to help them grow. [e.g. a UK wind farm company was allowed to fail in 2015, so now we are buying wind farms from the Germans!! madness!!]

back to 5 point plan


Why should Britain be given special treatment? 

This is not the point .... it's not a question of giving Britain preferential treatment, all the 'old' European countries, and some of the new ones should be considered separately, depending on their geographical position and financial situation. 


Possible future referendums;

Currently (Sept 2016) Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, and possibly France and even Germany following upcoming elections may want to revise their relationship with the EU.

A referendum is coming up in Italy, in Oct or Nov 2016, which is designed to introduce massive changes to the Italian government. This might cause their already abysmal financial situation to worsen and impact massively on the Euro.

The Swiss are currently negotiating with the EU, and their representative said on TV today (09.08.16) exactly what I'm saying in this site, that the 'one size fits all' approach will never work. Unless each EU country is given separate consideration, the EU will ultimately fail.

.... It's not just the UK that has issues with the EU!!!! most people don't realise this. (Why ... the mainstream news broadcasters are spending so much time repeating the same few stories all day long they don't have space to include important issues! rolling news is killing the news!)

When the EU was formed, there was an economic difference, and obviously a geographical difference between all the countries, but this was not significant enough to cause major financial and population problems.

Since then 2 events have happened.

The 'Expanded Europe' problem.

1) The fall of Communism. This added a group of countries, all with poor economies.

2) The 2008 financial crisis hit the southern European countries very badly indeed, and combined with political corruption, had the effect of wrecking their economies.

So! Europe is now divided into the affluent north/west and the poor south/east .

This problem means that you can't 'lump together'  these two areas under one set of rules and regulations. 

This again illustrates the fundamental problem with the EU administration ... they are trying to combine original countries too quickly under one unworkable regime.

This approach will probably work in a couple of generations, but not now. See 'the 5 point plan'


back to 5 point plan





The deal - Our negotiated exit - this isn't as important as we are being led to believe.

The main discussion point regarding a 'deal' is the issue of free trade being jeopardised.

If we leave, we might have to pay import duty to sell goods to the EU. Do you know what the average import duty into the EU is?, 3% to 5%. The exception is cars at about 10%, but as we import more cars than we export to the EU, that would give us an advantage.

Due to the fact that we import more than we export, if we paid 5% duty to the EU and they paid 5% duty to us, based the current import/export situation, the UK government would make 3.5 billion profit! So it's a benefit to lose free trade! Just work it out for yourself!

Also our 2nd biggest trading partner is the USA, and we pay between 3% and 5% import duty on everything we sell there ... is that a major issue .... no! they still buy our stuff.   Back>>



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